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Internationally Famous Deck Builder in Your Back Yard

Kim Katwijk, founder and owner of Deck Builders, Inc. has been designing and building decks in Olympia, Washington since 1996. He is a contributing editor for Professional Deck Builder Magazine.

He teaches deck building at all the major trade shows and other events and has even taught abroad. In the deck building industry he is well known for his expertise in building, designing, and deck board bending.

With our life-like 3-D design software, you'll be able to see your deck or shelter before it's built, helping you plan every detail. Several of our decks in Olympia, and Thurston County region have brought national acclaim.

How to Choose a Deckbuilder

Building a custom deck is a substantial investment in your home. That's one reason why choosing the right deck contractor is so important. The level of expertise and the quality of deck materials your contractor uses to construct your deck will determine the value and enjoyment you'll receive for years to come. To help you select your "deck building expert" may we suggest looking for these qualities: Trustworthiness, Competence, Dependability, Accountability, Accessibility, Credentials, Warranty and Security.

Please Take a Look at Deck Builders, Inc:

Trustworthiness: We provide a detailed deck plan and a written, guaranteed price. We've been building decks for over 26 years and will continue serving Olympia and Thurston county.

Competence: We specialize in decks and deck accessories. Our deck artisans have built hundreds of beautiful custom decks.

Dependability: We show up on time and complete the project in a timely manner. We build with integrity, and we respect your property and plants.

Accountability: You've found a company that's responsible, admits mistakes if made, and finds solutions.

Accessibility: Yes, a real deck builder actually answers the phone. If unavailable, he returns your call promptly.

Credentials: We hold all legal documents, licenses, bonds, and insurance; and we can obtain any permits for your project that might be required.

Warranty: It is hard to find any other deck builder that was around in 2008, let alone 1996 the year that we began our business. What good is a warranty once your deck builder has gone out of business? We will be here should any problems arise.

Security: We want you to feel secure in knowing that you'll receive what you paid for and more. We understand that we're not the right fit for every project, but if you feel comfortable with what you have read, please call to see what we can do for you. 360-709-9225.